Mondays are rough…

Do you know why Mondays are rough?  I just got over being sick and getting back from CHA.  I want to crop.  I want to scrap.  I want to create.  All I want is to play.  Instead, I fought bitter cold and the occasional snow flurry to go to my other job today. 

Oh, well.  Creating will come to those who have faith.  And, I have faith.  Lots and lots of faith.

I did have time to create some stuff today, just not scrap.  I created all the art for the site, including a little ditty to put on my pdf’s…

  cropgirllogo.jpgI kinda feel like I am back in high school, playing with Sharpies and notebook paper. But, it was a lot of fun!

The survey results are in, by the way, but those will have to wait until tomorrow to be reviewed.  I am tired and heading to bed… 


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