It’s Thursday…


Now, this is a column I hope to make a weekly thing… now, no promises that there might not be a week or two that get skipped.  I have two other jobs right now, two kids, and a hubby… it might get away from me!

However, the hope is that each week I will help with a tip, prompt, sketch, idea, suggestion, etc… to help you get ready for the weekend crop, whether you are just cropping at home or going out to a store or to a friends house.

This week, we kick off with a challenge…

I challenge you to use as many buttons as you can on a layout.  Why?  Because you can and you will be so surprised with the outcome!  Be sure to have some glue dots or Zots on hand to get them onto the page without too much trouble. 

If you complete the challenge, email me a photo – I would love to see your creation!  It might even be on the site…

Happy Scrapping this weekend!


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