11:45 am…

and the first project is done.  Not bad for just over 2 hours, including snack time, potty time, and helping the boys!

And here is my project… a clear acrylic album using some fun Picture It! Pageframes stuff and my pile of American Crafts letters.  This is an example of the Thursday challenge – mixing up colors, fonts, and textures of alphas to create a fun look!



Now, here is some stuff to share… 


I have three 12×12 sheets of clear acrylic and 2 packs of American Crafts Stickers for the 5th person to comment – remember – these are moderated so who knows when number 5 will actually post – especially since we are attempting to clean up for some lunch!



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16 responses to “11:45 am…

  1. Kristine

    I’m here, pick me!

  2. Patty W

    Cute layout Stephenie. I don’t think I”ve ever seen the acrylic sheets before..

    Hope you enjoy more fun time today. We are getting lots of snow too. I am SO ready for Spring!

  3. Patti

    Catie is here reading over my shoulder and she thinks we should just keep posting to ensure that we are the 5th poster. lol

  4. Catie

    oooo I really like those acrylics! I hope that I am the 5th person to post a comment!

  5. Love your book-these products are so cute-I found your blog through Stephanies-Way to go on this project it is awesome!
    Hope I am the 5th post!

  6. I love these products and your project-very cute-I found your website through stephanies-Love what you did – Hope I am the 5th person to post-
    Happy Friday
    Love Carrie

  7. Page

    Great project! You are so good-getting crafting done with the boys! How do you do it?

  8. Jenifer

    wELL i WOULD love love LOVE to be #5 I cant find any transparencies here in Idaho. Keeping my fingers crossed:)

  9. calonghorn

    great project Stephenie! and I just added you to my blogroll =)

  10. What an adorable album!

    I’m so glad you’ve joined the blogging world! I can’t wait to see all of the fun projects you share.

  11. Not bad at all for two hours! That’s how much time takes me just to decide what I am doing LOL
    You are quick! 🙂

  12. Awesome work Steph! And, so quick!

  13. Love that Steph, very cool! I’m still working on my first acrylic album, keep setting it to the side!

  14. Oh, and mabey you can email me where you got that 12×12 acrylic??? I can never find any.

  15. hi again, i’ll be adding you to my blog roll, feel free to add me to yours:)
    i love those clear frames!
    happy friday!

  16. Beth W #2906

    Teach me not to leave the house. I found your site from Stephanie’s blog also. Way to go-even if I missed out on the prizes, the pictures of the album are great. It’s a tutorial in a capsule-great ideas, thanks for sharing.

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