Got something done!  Yeah!

I was able to get a layout done while the boys napped, after finishing reading all of your comments.  Wow!  You guys really are helping me to kick this off with a bang!photo1.jpgphoto2.jpg

Keep posted, more giveaways, ideas, and projects to come!



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7 responses to “2:40pm…

  1. Beth W #2906

    Okay- family is not helping me. I think it’s a form of intervention-they don’t want to “enable” me. So I’m going to make a sandwich-please give me 15 minutes. Do you think there’s some kind of “scrapping” police I could report them to for cruel and unusual punishment?

  2. this is too cute! Great choice of paper 🙂

  3. Beth W #2906

    I LOVE your handwriting and I mean with a capital “L”. You should make it a font and sell it!

  4. LOVE the new site!!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. debby

    I love the two layouts. I’m a real fan of Love Elise paper line. Great job Stephanie.

  6. Love the layouts Steph! You really have a fun site, can’t wait to see what’s coming up next!

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