6:56 pm…

Okay, dinner is over – Pasta Fagioli soup, Patti, to answer the question and there are leftovers if you want some!

I have finished another layout…  this one is special to me.  CHA was a lot of fun, but I have no pictures of my own since my camera disappeared off my arm at O’Hare.  All of these pictures came from people who emailed them to me or from a Flickr site they set up so I would have pics! 

cha1.jpg cha2.jpg cha3.jpg

Now, there we are still a few comments shy of 13 for May’s book, so be sure to comment on that post to be entered.

Also, another prize has arrived!  A BoBunny “Love” album and 2 packs of Cloud 9 raindots, since I love ’em so much!  So, let’s say comment number 7 wins!


Now, I plan to be online until about 10:00pm central time, so keep checking in – there may be some more to come!



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11 responses to “6:56 pm…

  1. Patty W

    wow, you are a busy gal Stephenie! I’m in my nightgown already but was just called outside ! Hubby and kids, plus a neighbor kids and my BIL that lives through the woods are building an igloo! It is really cool! Now , if this drizzly stuff will just stop so it doesn’t melt before they can enjoy it for the weekend.

    I saw some Bo Bunny paper somewhere that I just loved ! I need to start writing things down cuz my rememberer isn’t what it used to be! The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be :))

    Ok…guess the fresh air must of gotten to me!

  2. Wow your dinner sounds way better than mine. I’ve already got May’s book (it rocks!) so I’m commenting here instead! Thanks again!!

  3. Laura

    CONGRATS !! I think this is SOOOOOO awesome !! You know where to find me if you need ANYTHING at all !! I’m bookmarking your blog as a favorite…and will be here everyday! I don’t mind being comment #2…just got home from work…was supposed to go in tomorrow morning for a few hours but since we are getting ANOTHER snow storm..whiteouts, etc…we stayed late tonight to get stuff done..so I am home at least thru Sunday morning. Quickly ran into Michaels and got all my stuff for a swap so I can finish that up. Love the Bo Bunny paper and how nice you got some pics from Anaheim! Again, congrats Crop Girl !!! How exciting..yep…CHANGE !!!

  4. Beth W

    I bet everybody’s waiting hoping to be #7-so I’ll give them a little incentive to move. May’s book is my scrapbook book of the month selection so I’ll be getting it from there.
    The March 1 date is really throwing me a curve. You are in the U.S.A. right?

  5. Page

    It seems like the times are off on all your posts which is probably why the date already changed. I noticed this morning your posts were already listed in the pm’s. Do you need to change the clock somehow?

  6. Debby

    I’m not sure where to comment…but here looks good. I’m still so sorry about your CHA pictures. But I’m glad several of us could help out in finding some for you.

  7. That was so sweet of everyone to post their pictures for you! I would be devastated if my camera were ever stolen.

    I would LOVE a BoBunny album. Hope I’m lucky #7!

  8. Niecia #3006

    I love bunnies. My mom is a bunny freak too. thanks.

  9. I just want to say I really like that layout spread. I have so much trouble with two-pagers…and look how many photos you used! You rock girl!

  10. calonghorn

    You are doing some great LOs today Steph! I hope I am that productive at my crop tomorrow =)

  11. doverdi

    I just found your blog Stephenie & am catching up. I’ve already added it to my favorites so I can keep coming back.
    I am so glad that you were able to scrap CHA even though you lost your camera. I love how everyone came through with pictures for you.

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