national craft month!

I just wanted to wish you all a Happy National Craft Month! 

Now, as a cropper and crafter, I highly recommend taking this as a “holiday!”  If I could, I totally would.  So, if you have a significant other, be sure to tell them that you HAVE to scrap or craft – it is a requirement since this is your special month!  Hahaha!!!

As our ancestors once said…

“Go forth and scrap.  It is our right and our duty to preserve memories and create beautiful pages.”



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4 responses to “national craft month!

  1. Laura

    Love it….Its my duty !! (Actually…IT IS !!)

    Thanks for pointing this out…and I thought the next holiday was St. Patrick’s Day !! HUH !

  2. Happy National Craft Month to you, too! I hope (and plan) to make the most craftiness of this month…last month went entirely too fast and I dont think I did a page at all in Feb! 😦 Gotta change that! 😀

  3. Laura

    I told him Im honor bound to scrap and craft every day this month….He said..”Oh, really? Just this month, huh !!”

    …gotta love him !

  4. Jenn

    Started out craft month by making a great mini album…my goal is to make at least one great project a week!!

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