my mission…

I guess that there have been some questions as to why I am doing this and how it is different from my position as a Fiskateer.

Here is my mission – to bring the culture and community of the local crop to the forefront of discussion.  It is where I “grew up” as a scrapper.  It is where I have made lifelong friends that I never would have met in another way.   It has brought my sister, mother, and I closer than ever. 

Every magazine, site, and book is full of ideas, products, and more all related to scrapbooking, which is great.  They don’t, typically, however, talk about the crop, which is where we use these ideas, buy the tools, get the paper, and create the pages.  They don’t talk about the culture and community around which this $3 billion a year business is built.  They don’t usually discuss the regular cropper who is creating their family album among friends.  That is why I am doing this – to engage those of us who crop in a meaningful discussion, to bring the community aspect to the forefront, and to help make those crop events more fun for all of us!

When I explained this to my sister today, she said the following…

We are all searching for community.  It is no different than the elderly people who meet every Sunday at McDonald’s in a small town for coffee for hours, chatting and hanging out.  It is no different than the guys who meet every Friday night at the bar to kick off their weekend.  Everyone wants a place to feel at home, to be a part of something.  This is our something.  This is our community.

When she put it this way, I thought – yup, she gets it, too!  We just never talk about what goes on, the people we meet, the chats we have, the impact we have on each other!  We are a community – we support new scrappers, showing them ideas.  We share tools with strangers.  We eat together.  We share stories of our families over the photos.  We inspire each other to try something new for the first time.  We do this for the love of scrapbooking and scrapbookers.  Rarely do you see people just in their own world, not socializing.  This is our coffee time, our beer night, our Central Park chess game – crops are our scrapbooking community.

My mission is to talk about all of this and include you, your input, your ideas, your stories in the process.  To do that, we will have challenges, surveys, and other activities to help bring us together.  My hope is to be able to share this information with all of you, as well as with store owners who are planning events.  I want them to understand that we are their customers and we know what makes a good crop.  We keep going back to certain stores for a reason and shy away from others for reasons as well.  If I can share that info to help a local store owner create a better crop so that they can keep their local scrappers croppping and happy, I feel I am doing my job.

So while I will attend crops as a Fiskateer and continue to do that job as long as they let me, this site will be dedicates solely to this one idea – cropping is community and cropping is the cornerstone of this entire business, so let’s give it the respect and attention that it truly deserves, as well as the croppers who make every Friday night or Sunday afternoon their time to do what they love. 

So, tonight, I begin to add another feature of this site… the Sunday night cropping challenge recap.  If you have done either of the “it’s thursday” challenges from our first 2 weeks of operation, send me a photo so that I can try and share your creations with others.  Also, if you have a fun or memorable crop story that you want to share with others, send that to me, too!  I want to hear your story and share it with others – to highlight all of the positive aspects of this amazing cropping culture!

You can email me at

I wish you all the best as you re-enter the work week!  Happy Sunday!



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3 responses to “my mission…

  1. Laura

    Yes !! I go to a crop because of the atmosphere, the folks there, the sharing, the BELONGING!
    If I miss my time cropping at my LSS, I feel leftout…cause I know Im missing something…a story…a special layout…the laughter…the PEOPLE. Every Thursday, “we” gather and sometime during the night someone says..Where is ***? We miss each other…Its a wonderful world to be a part of.

  2. sandra mason

    Hi Stephenie
    Until recently I had been a “lone” scrapper, having only gone to 2 scrapping events including a weekend retreat.
    I love the common bond that I share with others at the crop, learning new ideas and techniques and developing new friendships.
    I am going to a crop this friday and I am hopeing to spread the love of fiskars and just get to know some new people.
    I will keep you updated

    Sandra in New Zealand

  3. Yep-you said it right! Funny-in fact-in January a friend in the burbs and I started to get together at a store to crop. We could do it at home but the community at the store makes it that much more fun and inspiring. It started with my nifty fifty demos and now I just can’t stop! I used to complain about packing up my stuff but I have learned to do it a little better and it is so worth! The company at the crop makes it worth every second! Thanks Steph! Jane

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