one of the reasons i do this…

Being a lead Fiskateer has opened up a whole new world to me, allowing me and encouraging me to attend events in places I have never been before.   In September, I was blessed to be able to attend ScrapFest at the Mall of America in Minnesota. 


Since I started scrapping, this is an event that I have wanted to attend.  Every year my mom and I talk about it, but something always comes up and we never get there.  When they asked me to go and help, I was thrilled.  I didn’t get to take the classes and I worked long hours, but I got to meet so many people at so many different events that it will live in my memory as one of my favorite events of 2007.

During ScrapFest, Fiskars hosted the rotunda crop one night.  I had a chance to walk around, talk to all of the scrappers, and just chat about life, scrapbooking, and creating.

That night I met a woman whose story I will not soon forget.  She was sitting with a friend, just staring at a pile of pictures at the back of the crop.  I walked over and started to talk to her.  She had never met me before, but within minutes, along with her best friend, we were talking like we had known each other for years.  She opened up that she was creating a book in memory of her brother who had passed suddenly at an early age in 2006.  She had been working on the book for more than 6 months, but had not actually scrapped a page.   The photos were still raw, even pictures of him as a child were hard to look at.  She talked about the stories behind some of them with such love, affection, and sadness that my heart ached for her.  We sat there and I listened to her talk about the fact that she was creating one book for herself, and, if she could get through it, she would do one for each of her parents as well (they were divorced).  That night she sat and talked and grieved as if we had been friends forever.

The next morning, I was working at the Fiskars booth, getting set up for the day.  She walked up to me and told me she had finally started.  She had done 2, 2-page spreads and had finally broken through whatever was holding her back.  She hugged me, thanked me, and showed me her pages. 

This is why I love to go to crops – the stories that are there are common to all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from.  You never know who you might touch at a crop and how your conversation will affect them.  You might make your new best friend, help someone begin to heal, or just laugh all night long. 

This is a true crop tale.  This is why I do what I do with such passion.  This is why I know that there is more to this than paper and pictures.  This is why I am proud to be a scrapbooker. 



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8 responses to “one of the reasons i do this…

  1. first of all….sweet title you gave me on the blog roll. yes, you definitely called me out on not have the fiskateers on mine. i will add both as soon as i finish this comment…i promise! i just want to again, remind how insanely jealous i am of you. as soon as the fiskateers have a digi-teers i had BETTER have you voting early and often *hehe* for me!!! so you’re impressed with my hybrid skills, eh? i am gonna send some of my hybrid friends your way and get them interested in your site! 🙂 we (by we, i mean digiscrappers) can crop faster online…hehehe! 🙂 i think we’ve found the way to keep in touch – this is the most contact we’ve had in months! 🙂 going to add you to my blog now! 🙂

  2. debby

    Here, Here! Bravo. thank you for the beautiful story and I think that we do all have stories like this. No one can be passionate about scrapbooking if it was just paper and pictures. I could write story after story about me and my healings, about others healing through the death of a child, a spouse of 50 years, healing about their childhood or even friendships. Stephanie, I believe you hit it right on the head when you told this story. Bless you and I think I’ll go tell a story on my blog today.

  3. Wow-you said it perfectly Steph and I agree! I am so sorry I missed Friday’s & yesterday’s events too. But, you will be happy to know, I was at a crop ALL day! And, I got tons done that I will share later today. I am loving the new blog and the warm & cozy feeling of cropgirl! You rock Steph! Miss you, Jane

  4. Laura

    Exactly !! This is why I do what I do !!….I attended CKU Boston in August 2006. I signed up for a Tracy White journaling class. We had to bring 5 important photos that we had not scrapped yet. She began talking about the Who-What-Where-Why-When….I took out my photos..of my mom who passed away May 2006. I started crying and put my things away. I just couldn’t get past the pain. After class, Tracy came up to me and gave me a hug. I needed the hug…and left class crying. Not from pain anymore…but healing. This May…Im putting the pain to rest. Its OK. Scrapbooking has given me the tool to put the memories somewhere…somewhere I can find them and smile…and cry if needed ! I hear lots of stories myself…and know from experience how it feels to hold photos and have to put them away again. Its people like you Stephenie who help us heal…who help understand…and who LISTEN when needed. It only takes a wonderful heart and some time to help others get past the pain…in order to finish something so precious. Thanks for being you…thanks for being that special “Lady at the crop”…then friend. …

    Proud to call you friend and God Bless you always !!

  5. Lisa Falduot

    Yes, I agree totally Stephanie that it is more than just pictures and paper. I’ve also made so many connections through this wonderful and inspiring craft!

  6. Beth #2906

    Wow! I was coming to make a comment and ask you to talk more about crops and how you got started going to them. I have never been because I’m afraid my skills and talent won’t be up to snuff. Now I’m at least going to consider it because I might meet someone like you there. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  7. Jenn

    I have made so, so many great friends going to crops…i treat myself at least twice a month and missing it is not an option unless there is an actual emergency like hubby or daughter being sick!! I hold my crop time close to my heart…it is ME time and very necessary!!

  8. That’s so great, Steph! And Scrapfest is where I met you, so…yay!
    I hope you are there this fall so I can connect with you after becoming a fellow fiskateer! About your community post:
    Being a stay-at-home Mom the past 7 years, I can totally relate to a “scrapping” community. To be quite honest, the only time I get to talk (or chat online) with adults is through scrapbooking! I give my days to my 3 kids and my husband’s only home (awake!) about 2 hrs a day during the week, so I really cherish the online friendships i’ve made connecting through passions for scrapbooking or crafting in general. It gives me a chance to connect with people who relate to me who are over 2! 🙂
    I love it and all you girls – it’s a very important part of my day!
    Take care, Kelly

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