wii are family

I know that I posted about the fact that I am a techie girl, and I am.  I am not a digi scrapper, however, because I love the whole mess and fun of paper, glitter, adhesive, chipboard, paint, ribbon, flowers, buttons… well, you get the point.


I am a techie girl – I love my computer, I love my camera, I love my iPhone, and I love our new Wii system.  I have decided that whoever designed this for Nintendo deserves a really big raise.

I have never been a video game lover before, but this, well this just cool.  It gets you up off the couch and playing with your whole body.  I love that.  It is an awesome workout, too.  Since I have sooooo much spare time (hahahaha) to get to the gym, this is great.  Owen especially loves to do the bowling and at the ripe old age of 3 bowls better than I do! 

Owen is one of those kids who is really, and I mean REALLY, affected by the fact that he can’t run outside.  He needs and craves that outdoor active time and this has been a God-send this winter.  He works up a sweat, uses every bit of energy, laughs, plays, and just gets a lot of that built-up craziness out.  It is something that I am so glad Matt bought.  I admit I was sceptical at first – great another game console… – then I played it and was hooked. 

So, to honor the Wii, we have a layout of family bowling night.  (Note – another one of those real life/not-so-hot-photo layouts)  This is our family, doing what we do…  playing, laughing, and enjoying time together. 



(sorry for the grainy pics – it is icky, rainy and gross here this morning and the pics were not so hot thanks to the lack of good lighting…)

Wii are family.



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12 responses to “wii are family

  1. Jenn

    WOW–so funny as myself and hubby were JUST talking last night about getting this for the family..now, i am DEFINATELY doing it..this looks like fun for everyone!

  2. Karen

    i love your LO’s, i think they are wonderful! you know, i am not much of a gamer, but this wii is totally tweaking my interest, especially, if you can get a bit of a workout with it. :O)

  3. We love our Wii. Because of us having one, and people visiting, my in-laws, parents, and brother-in-law have all gotten one. I haven’t played in a while with my hubby gone, but now my 2 year old is starting to take an interest, so we’ve been playing around. It’s a lot of fun!

  4. Linda A.

    What a great title for your page! So clever!

  5. Lisa Falduto

    Great use of Cogsmo Stephanie!


  6. debby

    Our entertainment for Thanksgiving guests this past year was the Wii. Bowling was the favorite. I got a friend well into her 60’s and very competitive bowling. I have some funny pictures.

  7. Tammy

    Love the layout. I have been wanting to try out the wii so bad! It looks like such fun!

  8. Love it Steph! You crack me up! Jane

  9. Laura

    Im still on the fence…I like Atari…old school, yes…I love the REAL outdoors…sunshine…etc. If Im not scrapping inside, I want the wind and the sun and the great outdoors. Not saying I wouldn’t try it…just…on the fence (outside, on the fence !!) Great layout !!

  10. doverdi

    I’ve heard good things about the Wii…but one thing is you have to have room to move. My place is way to small for a Wii.

    We used to have the Nintendo playing mat when DS was little. I can’t remember the name of it but if you wanted your ‘guy’ to jump, you had to jump…if you wanted him to run, you had to run, etc. We had a lot of fun with that game. The one I liked was going down the river on a log ride and you had to ‘jump’ the fallen logs or duck under them, etc. It was hilarious. Sad thing was that DS (at 4 yrs old) always beat me. Not very good for my confidence level. lol

  11. great lo! love the pp you used!

    we have wii also, the girls play from time to time, of course my DH plays. I don’t have any interest at all. Having masters in engineering doesn’t make me a techie girl LOL I had some hopes that I will like DDR but I discovered that I have a MAJOR eyes/legs dis-coordination and I am just awful. After that I lost my interest completely.

  12. I love the LO Steph! 😉 Our family loves the Wii too…you should try raving rabbids 1 and 2..my teenage boys love it…the rabbits do alot of silly things… 🙂

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