my journal obsession


Many of you are already aware of this, but for those of you who aren’t ~ I love journals.  I have them everywhere!  On the front seat of my car, in my purse, next to my bed…  I have some sort of paper writing stuff everywhere I go.

My brain never shuts down.  I can be on the phone for my regular job and thinking of a layout or an idea or a challenge or an email I need to send.  This is why I have paper – lots and lots of paper.  Part of that, too, comes from a long life of being obsessed with paper in general.  That obsession has recently become filled by my journals. 

I wanted to bring this up to discuss the whole idea of journals.  If you are new to scrapping or going to crops, I suggest getting one.  It can be a 25 cent notebook or a really nice journal ~ your choice!  I think that as a creative person, it really helps to have one with you.  When going to a crop or out to an event they are handy because:

  1. You can write down the info of new friends or people you meet that you might want to crop with again
  2. You can make notes of new products that you saw, research them, and decide if you want to buy them or not
  3. You can write down ideas you might have seen or new techniques you want to try that someone else did.  Now – this is okay…  we all start somewhere and are all inspired by something that another crafter has done.  As scrappers, we share ideas and tips, so take notes and try something new!
  4. You can jot down paper lines you like
  5. You can write down ideas for fun activities that were done at the crop in case you ever host one yourself.

Keeping a crop journal is one way to help remember what happened, people, and ideas.  I do it all the time and it helps me be organized and focused for the next event, layout, or big project!



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2 responses to “my journal obsession

  1. Laura

    I have several journals…all blank…I make them readily available…and I’m looking at the stack of them now ! I promise to put one in my purse, one on my nightstand, keep one OUT to use while scrapping…and one on my computer desk ! Thanks for reminding me how useful they are IF YOU USE THEM !!!


  2. Debby

    I’m like you, I keep a notebook everywhere. When school starts up every year we buy a set of small notes on sale for me. That way I’m set for a year. I also have a friend who uses her blog as a jouranling blog for her scrapbook pages. She will detail out an event and when she sits down at a crop she has printed out her blog entries that she needs and uses that for her journaling. So no matter how long it’s been she still has the details.

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