new storage

Okay, I finally broke down and bought something new.  You told me that I could buy another and return the broken Snap Ware to CostCo, but I feel kinda bad doing that.  That, and you told me this AFTER I went shopping!


So, as a kid, I grew up with Plano tackle boxes with my dad.  When I started crafting, I needed something to put my eyelets, brads, etc… in and my dad said to go and get a tackle box and I did.  Now, Plano is not just making tackle boxes, but scrapping boxes!!!  I am in love with Creative Options because they are sturdy, durable, and meant to hold a lot.  It would take a ton to break this one with too much stuff.  I still have to figure out something for my ribbons, but I am working on that!  I have eyed these for months, but could never justify the cost.  Then, I had a coupon, called Matt, and well, the rest is history!  While I appreciate your return-policy thoughts, I am totally enjoying my new organizational purchase.  Just ask Amanda, who was sitting next to me at the crop, and watched my giddy face re-organize and play with this as if it was a new toy!



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5 responses to “new storage

  1. Lisa Falduto

    Not only that………they are fun colors! Way to go…you get organized Stephanie!

  2. Laura

    My dad would FLIP if he saw me putting my craft goodies in a tackle box…BUT…I see SO MANY crafters with them ! One of my best friends has one of the great big ones…and everything is at her fingertips at crops !! With summer coming up, my DH would laugh if I came home with one and said..No, dear…its mine !!!

  3. Debby

    This is very cool. It looks like it is protable and that you can put it back in your scraproom/studio as it and now unload everything.

  4. Looks great! Enjoy your new organization system!

  5. Patty W

    I’ve been using a tackle box and a small tool box for many years…gotta love all the little compartments and the carry handle! :))

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