why product demos work

As a Fiskateer, I have seen first hand how well demos at crops work.  I show the tool, explain how works, show samples of projects, people get excited and they buy it from the store.  Or, sometimes, they already have it and just want to know how to work it right!

Sunday, once again, I saw how well they work first hand from the other side.  I was at a crop at a store, hanging out with some fellow scrappers and crafting when the woman from the store demoed a new product from Basic Grey – their rub-on roller.  On one end is a flat plastic side and on the other end, a metal roller.  In my life, I have never had rub-ons work so well.  I immediately asked her where they were and went and added them to my tally sheet.  I used it on my rub-ons and was thrilled!!!  They were gone before the end of the night! 


Take note store owners, demoing a new cool product really works!

Also, if you are a rub-on user, I HIGHLY recommend this tool (and for me to say that, it must work!)



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3 responses to “why product demos work

  1. No_Mom

    i totally agree with you. if i see a product demo’d, i am more likely to buy it. especially if i am able to try it out before hand myself. i believe completely what you are saying. :O)

  2. Marlene

    They actually sold out before they got to the second group of people!!! They were gone before I got to see how cool it was. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it since I am the queen of rub-ons!

  3. Kim

    I recently got one of these as well. I love the rolling ball end. The flat end doesn’t work all that well for me-maybe I need practise.
    It is the same as a rolling embossing stylus I have though… more tools exactly the same, but I can’t resist a new tool 🙂

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