wednesday crop report

I am heading out as “Fiskateer Stephenie” this Friday and helping to host a crop at Hannah’s Home Accents in Antioch, IL.  This is a new store for me and I am super excited to be going! 

I love the chance to demo tools, hang out and chat with new people, get some cropping in for me, and give away some fun products and prizes. 

Can I just say that there is nothing better than to help host a crop – when you host it by yourself, you end up not being able to create.  When you go and help out an existing crop, you get to do all of the fun interactive stuff, plus have time to play along!  And, I love to play along! 

So, if you aren’t busy Friday night, be sure to contact the store to sign up for the crop!  I hope to see some fellow Fiskateers and some new faces Friday night.  I also hope to come home with some projects, ideas, and stories to share.



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2 responses to “wednesday crop report

  1. Debby

    I won’t be in IL, but I’ll be at a citywide crop here in Columbia Friday and Saturday all day/night. I’ll be teaching and scrapping my heart out. I’m making a list of challenges from here, fiskateers, Noel, and several others. In the process I get to crop my pictures. I’m also planning on finishing my anniversary album. But since I’ll be working also I get to have fun with all my friends and make a few new ones.

    Have fun Stephanie.

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