what I need most

People are always asking me, “What is the one thing you hate to forget when you go to a crop?”

Now, I know that the “correct” answer would be photos, paper trimmer, adhesive – supply stuff.

For me, however, it is something very different – my hat.  At least, a ponytail holder.


I am one of those girls with longer hair who actually hate it.  Yeah, it looks pretty and all that jazz, when I take the time to dry it, curl it, spray it… yada yada yada…  Most days, however, I don’t have time for that and it is in a ponytail by the time I am home from work. 

When I am scrapping, the last thing I want is my hair in my face, bugging me.  So, I always make sure to have a ponytail holder at the minimum or the hat. 

Now, I have always been a hat girl, even since I was little.  Baseball hats, bonnets (yes, I typed bonnet), sun hats… you name it, I love it!  The only time I never wear a hat is when my hair is really short, which at times I go crazy and cut it all off.  Then, being 6’0″ tall already, a hat makes me look even more like a guy.  When it is longer I can pull it off better and will wear it all weekend long!


As I dawn my cap and get ready to head out to my crop tonight all I can say is… when packing your bag for your next crop, make sure to have that one item – a barrette, a clip, a ponytail holder, or whatever your choice is in your bag…  you never know when you might want it!



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8 responses to “what I need most

  1. I’m totally with you on the hat/hair thing. Gotta get that stuff outta the way!!!!! jw

  2. debby

    I have very short, thin hair so it wouldn’t help me any. But watch out Stephanie, I wouldn’t be surprised now that you get a ton of hats! LOL

  3. mflaum

    laughing so hard that we both blogged about hats today. Now I’m the girl who can’t wear a hat. It just doesn’t work!

  4. Laura

    I now have a “claw” clinging onto the strap of my tote…know why ??? Cause at EVERY crop, someone ALWAYS asks….Does anyone have a ponytail holder of any kind…my hair is driving me crazy !!!! Plus a bag (a whole $1 from the dollar store) of the standard elastic ponytail holders…of assorted colors of course. Just that little round band has introduced me to many a friend ! I, myself, get hot in a hat…unless Im outside…in fact, Im CHOPPING my hair off next week ! Can’t wait!

  5. PJ

    Wow–So glad I read this. I’m going to my first crop ever (whee!) and I know I wouldn’t have brought a cap with me. But I always end up wearing one when I’m scrapping at home. So now I will be sure to take one with me!

  6. doverdi

    I have long waist length hair & always seem to have it pulled up in a knot when I’m scrapping. I can’t stand it in my face. But I’m so not a hat girl either. lol

  7. Totally feel ya Steph! My hair is down the middle of my back now and with 3 kids it’s in a ponytail about 80% of the time! 100% of the time while scrapping or every project would have “fibers” on it, if ya know what I mean! 🙂

  8. Jenn

    So so funny–i have actually had to go home and get a PONY TAIL holder if i forget one..i can not STAND to have my hair(which is very long) in my face when i am playing with my scrappy friends…i have now started keeping a stash of these throughout different parts of my totes so i can always find one!!

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