when projects aren’t done

I love going to crops.  I think that we have established that. 

One thing I don’t like, however, is leaving a crop with a project not finished.  All week, since Sunday, this layout has been staring me down, begging me to finish it.  Every night, I take the time to try and get a little bit more done.  I feel like I am not complete until the layout is complete.  It lived in my Creative Options box, glaring at me…  I normally think,, “30 minutes left, no point in starting another layout – time to clean up!”  This time, however, I thought, “What’s one more layout in 30 minutes?!?!?!”  Well, that was one layout that came home in parts!  Finally, after 5 days, I have been able to get it done and here is what it looks like:


I had a lot of fun with the new Zach’s Life collection from Little Yellow Bicycle. 

I have started to use a lot of those photos from life.  I am always trying to get that “great” picture of the kids or of something else, but what about the 20 pictures it took to get the great shot – aren’t those the TRUE pictures of our lives?  I am in love with shots like these, because this IS my life, these ARE my kids, and it is wonderful!



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6 responses to “when projects aren’t done

  1. catie

    I love that all of the pics aren’t perfect! I think that they are the best ones! They are soo cute!

  2. Page

    Great layout-I love the paper! The pictures are great-I’ve learned that I have to get what I can with my two boys!

  3. Deborah

    I so understand about not finishing a project at a crop. When you get the question from home “How many layouts did you finish?” you have to say “well I did’t have the right button…” That’s the down side to cropping – you can’t bring everything, but we sure try!

  4. debby

    I love Little Yellow Bicycle. My LSS is suppose to get it in any day now.

  5. doverdi

    Great layout! I have a hard time using those not so perfect pics. I am definately going to have to rethink this and pull out some of them. Those pics are the real DS not the one’s I made him pose for.

  6. Love it! Just used these papers to do a mini-book for a family’s 10 year old son. They are great boy papers!

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