crackle paint happiness

I am sooooo in love with my new Ranger Crackle Paints!  While I didn’t get a layout done, I at least got the chipboard painted and, oh, do I love this stuff!


I definitely see that the thicker it is, the bigger the cracks.  It doesn’t however, seem to crack so much that you need another color underneath.  I wasn’t sure and pre-painted it with a dark brown, then, when it was dry, put on the crackle paint.  I do have to say, the other nice thing is that it didn’t warp the chipboard.  As thick as I put it on, I was afraid it would.  Some paints do that with very little painted on, but this stuff, well, it rocks!  It took a while to dry because I put it on so thick, but I just painted it, left it on the counter, and walked away.  When I came back, I found a crackely wonder.  I can’t wait to use this on a layout.



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4 responses to “crackle paint happiness

  1. patti

    how fun, I have seen it but never used it. I do believe it needs to go on the shopping list.

  2. Tammy

    Great way to add texture.

  3. debby

    On T!m’s blog he showed that after the crackle drys he wiped a similar/darker shade of ink over the crackle. It made the crackle stand out even more.

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