mom.jpg (And, yes, I know,  I look like my mom, and, yes, mom broke her arm)

In February of 2005, I took my mom to her first crop.  Forced her, kicking and screaming is probably more like it, although she would deny that now.

Every year for my birthday, I get to pick what I do to celebrate.  I talked her into coming with me.  She was thrilled at the prospect…  well, not really.  She has always taken 100’s of pictures and is where I know I get that trait from, but had never scrapped.  I told her to bring her photos from her recent vacation with dad and she did. 

Mom has never been a crafter.  She started my baby quilt and, well, it is still not finished.  And, I am okay with that.  This, however, I wanted to share with her because I knew she would fall in love with scrapping if she would just try it. 

And she did.  We have always been close, but this brought us even closer.  It gives us a common activity to share, ideas to share, products to share, and a chance to just hang out together. 

That first night, my mom spent more money than I did on stuff and it was my birthday – I had taken all of my random birthday money to shop like crazy and her bill was more than mine!  Most of the time it still is.  She now has space set up in the basement, with two tables, drawers, and a whole set up.  She says she isn’t creative, but to me, what she creates and scraps is very creative and uniquely her. 

I am so glad that she agreed to go with me to crop that night.  I am blessed to say that I have her in my life and that this is something that we can do together.  I have been able to attend full day crops, night crops, and crop with her at home on multiple occasions.  We laugh, talk, share photos, shop together, and create together. 

What more could a daughter want than a mom who shares and understands her passion?

This is a true crop tale. 



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4 responses to “mom

  1. Meghan E

    I’m very jealous… my mom is not a scrapper. She is a crafty QUEEN, but she is not a scrapper. My parents got divorced 6 years ago and she doesnt really take pictures anymore. And she has NO desire to scrap all the old pictures (I mean really, would you?). It just sucks though because I think she would be fantastic at it. Plus, she thinks its so cool and always says “I totally understand why you like this so much and how it could be so addicting.”

    It is so cool that you can share this hobby with your mom. You are very lucky 🙂

  2. Lisa Falduto

    That is such a great story about you and your mom and it is so cool that you can scrapbook together!

  3. Kim

    My mom is super crafty, but has not tried scrapbooking (yet). She says she knows she will be hooked if she does, and you know what… she’s right. Currently, she just encourages me, and gives me a multitude of projects, gifts she wants me to make. I guess that works well for us. She has gone to LSS with me and listens when I talk about SBing, but hasn’t tried it yet. While I know it would bring us closer, it would also cut into my stash, I’m sure LOL 😉

  4. Becca

    This is exactly how it is between my mom and I. She too says she isn’t creative, but I’m usually jealous of her LOs. 🙂 We go to a CKC convention together just about every year and it’s a blast! We end up going separate ways for part of the time (different classes, differents shopping styles) but it’s so much fun to get back together and see what the other one has bought, learned, etc. Thanks for sharing your crop tale! Blessings

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