sad, so very sad…

No cropping tonight.  While Matt was gone, I took on the task of redoing our 1/2 bath.  It was dingy and dark and I had started using it to get ready in the mornings.  I thought that it would be a nice surprise for him when he got back.  My dad is an electrician, so he came today to hang the light fixture.  Yeah…  he got here at 11:00 and it is now 5:00.  It is just now up and he has started to work on the exhaust fan…  We hit a few snags that I wasn’t aware of, nobody’s fault other than the idiot who lived here before us, and my plans have changed. 

If I crop today, it will be here at home…  so this is my crop tale for today… a non-crop tale.



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7 responses to “sad, so very sad…

  1. That sucks. Every time we try to fix something up all aaround here we always end up cursing the “butcher” who lived here before.

    we can all virtually crop at our own homes tonight…

  2. Bummer-I just finished proofs my two shoots so it’s crop time for me! I’ll be thinking of you!! And I know that bath will look awesome when you’re done! It’ll be worth it! Hugs, Jane

  3. Wendy Jo

    Isn’t it Crazy how we just hit these bumps in the road when you least expect it? At least with the new lights working properly you won’t grab the can of air freshener thinking it’s the can of hairspray. (Yup…Been there, done that.)

  4. Laura

    I had a crop to go to today …went to get my pics at Walgreens…and they ACCIDENTLY got thrown out !! 260 photos !!!! Then I got to the crop late due to a sinus headache…Best laid plans of mice and men….but cropping at home is better than no cropping at all. …and what a nice surprise for Matt !! Im sure it will be beautiful when its all done !! Huggs….Laura

  5. Debby

    I think your sweet to want to surprise your husband. Our pastor’s wife did the same thing one weekend. They did a lot of hard work, with set backs. But her husband loved it when it was finished. Your’s will too.

  6. Jenn

    sorry you didnt crop–imagine how happy you will be with your new BATHROOM though!!

  7. pattichurch

    I was so sad that you didn’t get to crop yesterday, perhaps next time. Hope the bathroom headache was worth it and Matt loved it.

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