oh crop!!!

Okay, it is official – I was not meant to crop this weekend!  And this is very difficult for someone who considers herself to be the ultimate crop-aholic! 

I did manage to crop at home, just not out anywhere.  This meant, bring a folding table into our bedroom (tight to say the least), haul my stuff up there, shut the door and hide away for a few hours.  I kinda felt a tad guilty when the kids woke up from their naps and I was hiding in our room.  I just knew, however, that there was stuff I wanted and needed to do, so I just kept on working while watching “Chicago.”  I hadn’t seen that in a long time and it was fun to scrap and sing along… without people staring at me!

Anyway, I did get a few things done and this is one of the layouts I wanted to share – I used my word – “play” and did a “play time” layout of the kids.  This was not my original plan, but I do like how it turned out!  I layered some acrylic arrows over the letters, with buttons on top…  you could say I went a little layer-crazy!!!




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6 responses to “oh crop!!!

  1. Debby

    You’re boys are great. And mom did a great job captureing some cool moments. I got three layouts done and one project over halfway and the weekend’s not quiet over with!

  2. Laura

    These are wonderful…capturing the everyday play time…I have pics like this of my boys. They were my world when we lived in Minnesota. I spent more time with them than anywhere else! Great job on the layouts…inspiring..as I haven’t scrapped those years yet … Pics are in storage…dry and safe…storage !!

    Thanks for sharing your heart !

  3. No_Mom

    they look great! love the arrow. sounds like you had a great time hanging out and singing to Chicago! :O)

  4. Tammy

    I acrylic arrow. Great idea!

  5. Lene

    Love the arrows! Love your site! It’s been bookmarked =)

  6. Hannah

    thats funny that you watched “Chicago” and sang cause the other day in my jewelery class we were listening to the “Chicago” soundtrack and i was singing and dancing along and everyone looked at me like i was crazy. haha. o well. One of my favortie movies tho. It’s a good one.

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