super saturday winners

Hello all!  Well, the bathroom is finally done… well, almost.  A little touch up paint work left, but otherwise, we are done!

I am heading out this afternoon to get in some cropping.  This is one of those times when I am going all by myself, with the intent of working.  Normally I go, socialize, and hang out.  Today I am on a mission and most places just have open crop tables with no official crops.  This is great when you have a pile of stuff to finish!  Of course, I will be taking snacks and talking if people are sitting by me.  If I am alone, however, I will be busting out some layouts and projects that I have due this week.

So, on to the winners!!!  Be sure to email me at with your snail mail address for me to send these out!

Maya Road 1 – Holly T. (hollybirdy)

Maya Road 2 – Bobbi in KY

Rusty Pickle – ~kathryn~

Thanks for all of the comments.  Be sure to keep checking back – you never know when I might have little of my stash to send your way!

Also, don’t forget – snack mix recipes are due by Wed. for a chance to win a snack bowl!

Talk to you all soon!!!  Hope you had a productive, croppy weekend!



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5 responses to “super saturday winners

  1. Stephanie!!!!

    Thank you so much-I’ll be sure to share what I made. See your email for my address.

    Luv ya!!!


  2. Debby

    Congrats ladies…good luck with getting your projects done Stephanie.

  3. Laura

    Congrats Ladies !! Have fun playing with your goodies !!

  4. Too fun! Thank you…am emailing you! 🙂

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