This is exactly what I posted at Fiskateers about our little man and it rings true for here as well…

Back from testing.  Not a UTI, but not really sure what it is.  He has protein in his urine which is not good, but they aren’t overly concerned either.  We have a tentative appointment for next week with a pediatric nephrologist.  The nurse calmed me completely when I talked to her.  She told me not to lose any sleep, which made me feel better.  Then, the ultrasound tech. said the same thing.

So, here’s the update…  not a UTI, but I have no idea what it is.  I feel better and he is up to his old tricks, running round, and acting as if nothing is wrong.  And, to be honest, unless he had told us about his goofy pee yesterday, I would never have known at all.  I am so glad that the staff at daycare saw it and called me. 

Anyway, I will be taking the rest of today off, fighting the migraine this has caused, but will be back to my regular schedule tomorrow.

Thanks for all of your thoughts, emails, prayers, and well wishes.  I truly appreciate it and I appreciate you letting me talk about this.  You guys are great listeners!



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5 responses to “update…

  1. Laura

    I’m SO glad…now go get some rest…well deserved rest. Huggs to you all.

  2. I am so glad that he is doing better! Just out of curiosity, did they check him for kidney stones? And did they check his urine for “ketones”?? My little guy had a kidney stone at 5!! Get some rest, I will say another prayer for you, and pray for the doctors to have clarity! I am the mom to four beautiful kids, one of which has chronic health issues so I can relate and understand your stress of having a sick little one – without any “real answers”! Good luck, and have some peace!

  3. Ok, so “mama bear” went into effect and I started to panic for you before I went to your other site and read about your little man…so clearly they have checked all those things that I mentioned already!! I will continue to pray for you and your family! It is so hard to be the strong mom when we are worried about our little men! Good luck and keep us posted!

  4. Okay I feel a little bit better and I mean just a little bit. I can worry with the best of them… please update when you can and know I will continue to send good thoughts and prayers.


  5. Catie

    Oh I am so happy that everything is better. Hopefully you guys have a fun Easter!

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