what was I thinking???

I have to show you something…

(I will share this finished layout later… it is done, just gotta take pics of the final product!)

moms2.jpg moms1.jpg

This is all I took to my mom’s this weekend to crop with.  Am I NUTS???????  Yes, but that is a whole other post…  Anyway…  I have never, ever packed this light for a crop.  It was freeing.  I pre-planned pictures and paper in the paper bag.  Loaded the bigger embellishments into new, smaller 12×12 Creative Options container that I just got (still has locking action, however, so I am in love…).  Then, grabbed the tackle box with the paint, stickles, flowers, buttons, and more, and hit the road with camera in hand!  I cropped some pics I brought and some I took while I was there. 

It was really nice to walk in, sit down, and have a space to work.  The boys played and watched a movie, I talked with mom, dad, and Matt, and just really enjoyed playing and working and hanging out at home while being creative at the same time.  It was also nice to know that mom had all the major tools that I would need – paper trimmer, corner rounder, scissors, etc… and so that was less to pack.  It was a lot of fun and the only thing I really regretted not bringing was my own pens. 

While this minimalism will probably not be the norm, it sure was nice this trip.  Thanks, Mom, for letting me encroach on your space!



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7 responses to “what was I thinking???

  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend at your Parents!

  2. Debby

    I’m in SC. When I go see my mother in FL I take quiet a few scrapbooking supplies and set up in my mother quilting room. When mom get’s tired or if she wants to quilt we get together and have fun with our craft. What is a lot of fun is that I get my mother to do my journaling in her handwriting for me. She has a wonderful handwriting and she always signs off on it so I will always know it’s mom’s writing. She also crochets lace and flowers for me to put in my Easter albums. It’s fun to scrap with my mom.

  3. Laura

    How cool to be able to create with whatever is around !! Nice !!! (and ALWAYS nice to carry just a little bit…instead of the 2 shoulder bags, 3 clear boxes while dragging a tote the size of the fridge !!)


  4. cool to have a mum with all the basic tools. My mum is a card maker but only just starting out. she hasn’t much in the way of tools. Slowly building though as I win tools I usually pass it on to her if she wants it.

  5. Page

    Good for you! Is that how you will be packing for May 17th?

  6. That is a cool tool box! My mom is a florist and makes gift baskets…any “tolls” which are usually just scissors (but at least they are Fiskars!) are at work…and if I am in town, she usually has me working on her computer! LOL At least it is an excuse to hang out on the blogs tho! 😉

  7. Uh yeah…hit submit before I could fix tolls…DOOH! should be tools 😉

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