spring cleaning: ribbon

I decided to go through my stuff yesterday before I went to a do some scrapping.  I realized just how much ribbon and pieces of ribbon I had.  It was a bit scary.  Matt says I am not allowed to buy more until I use up some of what I have.  I bought some stuff to get it onto cards, rather than the big spools and put it all in one container.  If it didn’t fit or if I wasn’t sure I would use it – it went into a pile. 

ribbon1.jpg ribbon2.jpg

That pile of scraps and leftovers is now in 2 rather nice sized bags…  would you like some leftover ribbon???  Leave a comment here and I will draw 2 winners tomorrow morning! 

Also, I am still cleaning out, so who knows what I might find hiding in my stash of stuff!!!



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61 responses to “spring cleaning: ribbon

  1. Page

    I just love ribbon! The thing about ribbon is you don’t really realize how much you are acquiring!

  2. Becca

    I recently finished going through all my stuff and realized I need (read: want) more ribbon. It’s my new favorite. Thanks for sharing! Blessings.

  3. Deborah

    You know how much I love ribbon and use it on almost all of my projects and layouts. I love the colors, patterns and texures and it can give a project just the right “umph.” It also works when your layout needs “just a little something.” You can never have too much ribbon!

  4. Sue Clarke

    I recently gave two bags of ribbons away myself and I now need some new ribbons for inspiration! Thanks for adding me to the names to be drawn Steph.

  5. Kim

    I’m definitely in the same boat on ribbon. I love it–collect it and have a hard time parting with it LOL
    I have mine in photo boxes, but it takes up a lot of room. I may need to try the bag approach. It looks like it would work well. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Wow, that’s lots of ribbon! And they look yummy! I like your ribbon “taste.” LOL

  7. Connie Melancon

    Stephenie I should be “spring cleaning” but instead I am “spring shopping” with all the great fiskadeals lately. LOL Thanks for a chance to win.

  8. WOW! What a ribbon stash!! I am constantly “spring cleaning” LOL 3 kids…whatcha expect? I am also a packrat, but working on remedying that “problem” 🙂 I am giving stuff away constantly, but can’t resist a deal! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win 😀

  9. doverdi

    I started my spring cleaning a bit early this year although I am no where’s near done. I have lots of goodies (clothes, nic nacs, books, etc) that I am donating to my mother’s church rummage sale next month. I’ve got to get moving on finishing it as next month is already next week. lol

    Thanks for the chance to win some ribbon.

  10. Peg #3675

    Cool! I love ribbon. I’ve convinced myself that every time I clean I’m spring cleaning no matter the season. lol Thanks for the RAK.

  11. Kimberlee

    I could so totally use some riboon – I’ve been put on a budget and have lost my “Michaels” and “AC Moore” privilages…

  12. Sarah #3020

    I’m drooling over all that beautiful ribbon. Wow!! How nice of you to RAK some of it. thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Kira

    Ooooo, I need some ribbon! Pick me, Steph!

  14. Jenifer

    great job on the cleanup and those ribbons are beautiful.

  15. Laurie R.

    How fun I love ribbon. I so need to do some cleaning of my stash.

  16. patti

    Ribbon is one of those things that you just have to have and when you go to use some you somehow never have that perfect piece or color and you have to purchase more, and then you realize that your ribbon is taking over the world.

  17. Kristin in OH #2764

    OH yeah..definitely love ribbon! Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Sue #2266

    Hey, now you can tell your husband that since it’s gone, you can buy some more!

  19. Melissa Fiskateer# 2396

    I need to stop buying the cheap spools of ribbon and start buying a yard of other ribbon that I really like. I’m putting together a craft room and was sorting my ribbon by color. I realized that I have a lot of ribbon (yardage) but I have very little variety. Maybe it’s time for a ribbon swap.

  20. Candy Fiskateer #3015

    What pretty ribbon! This is so nice of you to share. Thank you for the chance. Have a great day!

  21. Jeni Johnson

    WOW! Now that’s alot of ribbon! lol
    I have just started to “collect”some ribbon…some for my small stash would be fantastico! 🙂

  22. heather #3891

    Wow! I lately discovered ribbon and I’m still working on getting more! Great RAK

  23. Joan #808

    I love ribbon.thank for giving us a chance to win some ribbon.I would love to have some more ribbon.I don’t have alot of it.

  24. Debby

    I’m in. I always need ribbon! Thanks Steph.

  25. kris #2961

    I Love the word ‘ribbon’:) Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  26. Michelle#3072

    I would love some more ribbon I just started using ribbon. I have one pink spool of ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  27. Dee W #3851

    Those bags look great! i woouldnt mind coming in lucky this time!!

  28. Meghan E

    Holy cow! Those are some great bags of ribbon. I would love one as I don’t have much 🙂

  29. Tammy

    Ribbon is one of those have to have things!!

  30. I am in the middle of coming up with a new ribbon storage method. But most of my ribbon is the same as all my other ribbon. So I would LOVE towin some bits & pieces. =)

  31. Carolynn #2967

    You sound like me, except i keep stocking up on paper!! lol. So far I don’t have that much ribbon to my scrapping space yet!

  32. Yaritza

    Wow. What a great assortment or ribbon. Good luck on your spring cleaning. Hope it don’t take too long.

  33. Lizard

    I’d love some ribbion!! 🙂 love your blog-very interesting

  34. Nancysara

    this sure sounds like my kind of like….RIBBON, i just love ribbon!..thanks for the chance to win Stephanie. 🙂

  35. ~dee

    Wow! I’d never collect that much ribbon. I can’t believe you’re getting rid of it. I’d love the chance to be the recipient of the RAK you’re offering.

    Thank you and God Bless,

  36. You can not have too much ribbon! I put my ribbon that under 12 inches long in a mason jar on my shelf, it is actually quite pretty.

  37. marla howell

    I love ribbon and could use some more to fill up my ribbon purse. Thanks for a chance to get some fun new things. #3291

  38. Luci

    Thanks for the chance to win — you look WAY more organized than I am (although I’ve been working on spring cleaning, and it’s getting MUCH better!)

    Great job on the cropping and cleaning!!! 🙂

  39. Coco #3609

    I lov ribbon, I’v just recently started using it on cards and LO’s so I don’t hav much yet, thanks for the change to win some.

  40. Oh I say what a gorgeous collection, thanks for having a clean out and sharing with us

  41. Coco #3609

    Hi, I love ribbon, I’v just recently started using it on cards and LO’s so I don’t have much, Thanks for the change to win some.

  42. Katie

    Ooooo…..ribbon is my new obsession!!! I just started an album for my daughter and I’m all about the ribbon!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this RAK!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  43. WHOA! That’s a load of ribbon to purge!

    Hi, My name is Erin and I am a Ribbonaholic….

    I LOOVE Ribbon, but have tons of it already.. so please don’t put my name in the RAK… I just wanted to say HI!



  44. Alesha B

    Wow, that’s alot of ribbon, have fun cleaning your scrappy area.

  45. Amber C

    I’m just getting into ribbon, I’m a bit new to it, but I love the look of it! Thanks for this opportunity!

    ~amber; Fisk~a~teer # 2751

  46. Patty W (2832)

    Ribbon, ribbon, who has the ribbon! Looks like Miss Stephenie does! Wow…

    Thanks for the chance!

  47. Mandiannie

    Looks like some interesting bits and pieces you have there. I’d love a chance to win them. I think there’s lots there for those tiny touches on cards.

  48. Nanabeth #2906

    I am such a ribbon addict. I just love it-what with the 4 boys and 2 grandsons-ribbon is my “girly” thing and I just can’t get enough of it. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Sheri

    How can a girl pass up on a chance for some yummie ribbon!!! Thanks for sharing your stash!

  50. Impressive! I went through a portion of my stash today…and decided I could get at least 4 projects done today without having to hit the stores. I’m so proud! 🙂

  51. Holy cow thats some awesome ribbon Steph! I would love a chance to win some!
    Thanks for the chance! 😉

  52. Ursula #2228

    Wow what an impressive stash of ribbon you have. Nice taste! Good luck with the spring cleaning.

  53. Rebecca

    I would be delighted to recieve some of your ribbon. Thanks for thinking of us during your spring cleaning.

  54. kim3timemom

    Oh I LOVE ribbon…I would love your leftovers!! Thanks so much for the chance!

  55. OMG!!! I am such a ribbon junkie. I love the color combos you are giving for a RAK. Crossing my fingers. 🙂

  56. AnnieB

    A girl can never have too much ribbon!!
    P.S. Enjoy your blog!

  57. OK-I’ve never used ribbon on a LO before, so your trash would be my TREASURE!!!!!!!

    Love your blog Crop Girl!!!

  58. You didn’t find a Cricut you need to get rid of during spring cleaning too did you??? Just kidding!!

  59. Alex Fiskateer #3614

    I, too, have to clean out some stuff…but ribbon is always a good thing to have!! I don’t think I have enough! Then when I go to the stores to buy ribbon…I forget what I have and sometimes I get the same one! (Oops! I still end up using it!) TFS!


  60. Lorraine

    Yes I would dearly love some ribbon. Using plain all the time gets boring after awhile. Thanks for the RAK>

  61. Lorraine

    Yes I would dearly love some ribbon. Using plain all the time gets boring after awhile. Thanks for the RAK. And I do love ribbon. My daughter makes the nicest bows.

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