spring cleaning: flowers winner and buttons, anyone?

Our flower winner is: Dana!

Email me at cropgirl@ameritech.net to claim your bag-o-flowers!

Second…  more giveaways?  Could it be?  Would she?  Yessireee!


Buttons, anyone?  If you love buttons, have I got the bag for you?

Leave a comment here and I will draw a winner Friday morning!



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22 responses to “spring cleaning: flowers winner and buttons, anyone?

  1. Becca

    okay, no ribbon, no flowers…third time’s a charm, right? 🙂 Throw my name in the hat for the buttons.
    Thanks for being so generous! Blessings, Rebecca

  2. Deborah

    I’ll try my luck with buttons! You are inspiring me to do some spring cleaning!

  3. Connie Melancon

    love buttons! thanks stephenie

  4. Connie Melancon

    everyone love buttons!! thanks stephenie

  5. Thank you! I didn’t know about your blog until just now! So fun…and I love me some buttons so thank you for spring cleaning!!

  6. Yaritza #3395

    Wow!! What a nice assortment of buttons.

  7. Sarah #3020

    wow! will you have any left for yourself!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. buttons…who couldn’t wouldn’t shouldn’t love buttons! 🙂 Thanks Stephenie!

  9. Debbu

    Me, me, me…I’m a button-holic. I need buttons. Thanks Steph.

  10. katey

    I need to collocet buttons!! thanks STEPH!!!

  11. Dee W #3851

    Buttons are great on cards and LO’s. Count me in!!

  12. Kris #2961

    i so need buttons to add to my scrapin space!! thanks for the chance to win Stephine:)

  13. Heather W #3891

    Wow! That’s a full bag!! Loving your Rak’s!!

  14. Patti

    I love buttons, but I think my Catie loves them more and you only have yourself to blame for that. One of the time you were here cropping you did a page with buttons, and now the girl can’t get enough of them.

  15. AnnieB

    Please tell me the the 3rd time is the charm, because I love, love buttons!

  16. Congrats on the win Dana!!!

    and I would LOVE to have those button for my LO’s this spring….

    Can you recommend a good adhesive for buttons?? I sometimes have a problem with them falling off a LO

  17. Danielle Eaton

    I love buttons! I want to win…who’s your favorite sister?

  18. kim3timemom

    I LOVE buttons too!!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  19. Meghan E

    I love buttons! I recently did my first layout with a TON of buttons and it was super fun. Thanks for sharing your stash 🙂

  20. wowee!!! Look at all those buttons!! COuld i please be entered into this??

  21. Paula :)

    The buttons would be perfect for the baby album I’m making for my girlfriend. Thanks for the chance to win Stephenie! 🙂

  22. Page

    Buttons are one of my favorite scrapbooking embellishments!

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