spring cleaning: button winner and chipboard 4 u

Well, the winner for the buttons is Deborah M.!  Please email me your snail mail at cropgirl@ameritech.net and I will send out your prize! 

Also…  this is the final bag of purged goodies that I have.  Now, please note that this is a hodge podge bag with alphas – there are some letters missing.  These are NOT all complete sets, just my leftovers…  Like I said, I am cleaning out stuff!!!


The bag includes some Maya Road goodies, some Rusty Pickle goodies, some Fancy Pants, and more!  If you are interested, just leave a comment and I will draw a winner tomorrow morning!!!  Happy Scrapping everyone!



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20 responses to “spring cleaning: button winner and chipboard 4 u

  1. Patty W (2832)

    Looks like a great bag of asst. goodies!

    I’ve decided since Spring doesn’t seem to be here yet… I’m going to wait to start my Spring cleaning until it does arrive! LOL …just kiddin’… I have taken down most of my curtains and cleaned and put back up etc…

    Happy Friday !

  2. What a fantastic bag of goodies. I could have so much fun with that star album with photos of grand kids in fact I have a plan hatching already.

    Happy Friday, although it is Saturday in New Zealand hehehehe

  3. Rebecca

    How nice of you to think about all of us during your spring cleaning. And what an awesome looking bag of chipboard. I spring cleaned but I don’t seem to have much to get rid of. Have a good day. =D

  4. Surely I’ll win one of these LOL!!!!!!!!! Thanks SO MUCH Steph for SPREADING THE WEALTH!!!!! You’re AWESOME!!

  5. Cat

    Oh boy! I was just cleaning yesterday, too. Must be something in the air. I was going to RAK out some stuff, too, as it seems that the “one scrapper’s trash is another one’s treasure” is soooo true!

  6. No_Mom

    oh, the bag looks great. love the stars! love reading your blog too! it is such a great place to come. AND, i am going to try your crock pot pizza for dinner tomorrow night. can’t wait. sounds so yummy! have a great weekend!

  7. You mean you actually have to clean for spring cleaning?! 😉 I saw the cutest LOs in a 2 year old issue of Simple Scrapbooks when I took the kids to the dentist yesterday…and they used all odd alphabets/letters…sounds like this RAK would be its mate 😀

  8. Niecia #3006

    Hi Steph, I would love to start my spring cleaning but my husband decided to run for Co. Mayor, we are laying tile for a friend and I have a rental I need to clean and get ready for a new tenant. All my urges to clean my house have been bumped to the back burner. Hope you feel good after getting your spring cleaning done.

  9. Sarah #3020

    wow…that looks like a great bag of goodies!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. NanaBeth #2906

    I would sure you like to help with your cleaning by taking some chipboard off your hands!

  11. Yaritza #3395

    Wow. What a fantastic RAK. Oh I hope I win. I’m obsessed with chipboard. Thanks for another opportunity.

  12. connie

    looks like lots of goodies! connie #2909

  13. Kristin in OH #2764

    Cool! Count me in! Thanks Stephenie! Have a great weekend!

  14. Jody

    Looks like a wonderful bag o’ fun! 🙂

  15. Meghan E

    Chipboard! I love all the purging and sharing you are doing this week 🙂

  16. Becca

    One last shot to win something…lol! Great looking bag of goodies. Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Rebecca

  17. Debby

    Such a tease. This is great Steph. I was just looking for some letters…this might be what I’m looking for….

  18. Coco #3609

    Looks like a bag of great stuff, count me in.

  19. Put me in this one…I could never turn down chipboard!

  20. Laura

    Nothing like pieces n parts for arts !!!!

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