saturday – part 1

Saturday was a multi-level day, as I mentioned. 

We started the day with kids, running errands and hanging out.  We had to drop something off at the doctor’s office, ran to the bookstore (where we found “Horton Hears a Who” and “Green Eggs and Ham” – very into Dr. Seuss after seeing “Horton” on Good Friday), then we ran to Starbucks.  The kids love it there.  I am not sure why, but they do.  I think it makes them feel grown up to sit there, in their chairs, with all of the adults.  This trip was different, however.  This time, instead of the chocolate milk in a box, they got hot chocolate in the cutest, tiniest coffee cups I have ever seen!  Too cute!

So, to mark this momentous occasion, I scrapped our trip to Starbucks!


Now, these Starbucks pics are from my phone… which is why they are a bit fuzzy.  I forgot my camera at home, but took them and then emailed them to myself.  They printed out fairly well considering…   

More to come on Saturday fun…



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3 responses to “saturday – part 1

  1. Sarah #3020

    Watch Kohl’s Department stores they often carry Dr. Suess books(hardcover even) for $5 as part of their Kohl’s cares for kids program. So 100% of the net profits go to children’s hospitals! The last set I picked up for my son Dr. Suess and it wasn’t that long ago.

  2. Meghan E

    So cute! It’s amazing how well camera phone pictures turn out these days 🙂

  3. Debby

    These are cut layouts. Way to go. I enjoy being here. Thanks Steph.

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