another crop essential…

Today I am packing up to head out to New Berlin, WI for an all day crop tomorrow.  I am super excited, since this is a new store and a lot of my fellow Fiskateers will be there as well!

I thought that I would share another one of my crop essentials for the all-day events – my pink fuzzy slippers!  I actually have 2 pairs of these!  I went to an evening crop at a store about a month ago and someone asked me where they were!!!  I usually only have them for the daytime ones in the winter.  In summer, it is all about the flipflops or being completely barefoot (well, I’d love to, but most store owners look at me kinda funny, so I keep the flip flops on!)  .  Since it is in the middle of both, I stick with the slippers just to be safe!


I have been on the hunt for orange ones, but have yet to find orange fuzzy slippers.  Maybe next fall when the new round of slippers is hitting the stores I will find some. 

So, as I pack for the crop tomorrow, I am making sure to include the old pink fuzzy slippers – gotta be comfy when you are spending the day doing what you love! 

What weird thing do you make sure you have when you crop? (Or, am I about to find out I am the only weird one???)



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7 responses to “another crop essential…

  1. Tamara

    I’ll keep an eye out for orange ones for you if you would like – it’s only heading into the cooler time of year for us, so slippers are just hitting the stores!

    What size do you wear?

  2. Meghan E

    I think fuzzy slippers are great for a crop! Maybe I should start wearing my cow slippers to crops 🙂

    I don’t have anything weird I have to have at a crop. At least I dont think so…

  3. Page

    Not weird, but I always bring a sweatshirt (even in the summer) and a hairclip. I often get cold and even though I think I should wear my hair down since it looks “cuter,” I can’t stand it in my face by the end of the night.

  4. I’m fine as long as I have my Dt. Dew!!!

  5. April G

    If i knew where to send them i would buy them for you…

    I need a clock.

  6. Ann Grounds

    The crops that I usually go to are weekend retreats. I have to have my comfy pj’s, fuzzy socks, and a huge comfy sweatshirt to wear if I get cold.

  7. I am a “barefoot” girl..both when I sew and when I crop or do anything crafty! If I am going someplace to crop, I wear shoes that I can slip off easy – and back on if it is a public place!

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