american idol

is one of those shows that I watch every week.  For some reason, this season I have been really drawn to it.  We usually watch the first bit when they are travelling and see all the goofy stuff, then stop watching it.  This year, however, I have been so drawn to it.  And I think I know why.

It is an amazing group of performers who are not afraid to be themselves.  From the types of songs they sing, to their style of performing, this group really is different.  To be honest, David Cook is my favorite.  I love his rocker take-no-prisoners way of singing, breaking out and breaking the rules.  One of my favorite moments, however, was last week on Idol Gives Back.  As a Christian, I was moved to tears when they ended the show with Shout to the Lord.  It was not just a great song, but a powerful and passionate performance.  What a statement that on a show that reaches millions of people, God was praised so openly and honestly if just for 3 and a half minutes.



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2 responses to “american idol

  1. Beth W #2906

    I was struck by a similar thought during Princess Di’s funeral. I forget exactly how many millions were watching it-but when they said the Lord’s prayer I was overcome by the thought of that many people praying at the same time. Of course, than I was saddened that it took such an event to make it happen. A shame all the powers that be can’t make similar opportunities available on a regular basis.

  2. Debby

    That was truly awesome!

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