the ick…

has been going through our house.  Owen got it on Sunday, the day I had hoped to work some more on my project…  then, Monday came and it was a bang-up one with a full schedule until I went to bed.  Then, yesterday, my turn came… for the ick…  stomach flu that is!  I tried going back to work this morning, but ended up only doing a half a day again…  I know that I said there was a let-down after a big crafting weekend, but this is not what I meant!

Anyway…  I am going to chill for a bit and hope to get to feeling better.  Talk to you soon!



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3 responses to “the ick…

  1. Tammy

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Hope you get to feeling better soon, from what I understand those that get it wish then never did.

  3. Connie Melancon

    Hope you feel better soon Stephenie. It’s hard when everyone passes it around.

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