new week…

new routine. 

I have been a very very bad CropGirl! and I am sorry.  The last month or so has been a bit overwhelming here, both work wise and home wise.  I have not been keeping up with the blogging here as much as I was when I launched and I am sorry!!!  So, new week, new routine!

Today I will start with some updates, pics, and stuff, and then tomorrow I will be adding some more content, ideas, etc… and hopefully get back into the groove of being here more, including, hopefully, some goodies to share!

So, first things first…  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I did.  The boys made me breakfast in bed – a first – which was very sweet and very surprising!  They were too cute about it and they made my morning.  I had a beautiful bouquet of roses and a special pin that Owen made at school.  I love being a mom because I love all of that kid art stuff.  I know a lot of moms aren’t thrilled with the lovely little creations, but I just love them and plan to save this in our scrapbook.  Also, my mom got me the coolest mug ever – it holds a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream!  It came with a spoon and mom got me ice cream, too, and it is awesome!!!

Next, I hope to finally get all of the recipes you all shared with me up onto the downloads page this week!  I have had trouble with getting it into a pdf and I don’t know why.  Maybe I am just a little slow this week.  Anyway…

Finally, I am starting a page this week as well of crops I love.  Stores that have good to great crops, their pros and cons, and why I love them.  Now, one note here…  this is just my opinion.  My personal Stephenie Hamen opinion.  This has no bearing on my Fiskateer travels, no connection at all to that.  These are places that, as a scrapper and lover of crops in general – as a regular person – I like to go.  Please do not hold this against me in any way, especially in the Fiskars world.  This is just me talking to you honestly, cropper to cropper.  Also, know that I will be continuing to add to it as I go, so you might want to check it every now and then to see if I have added anything to it.




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8 responses to “new week…

  1. Tammy

    It’s ok, we all get busy!! Glad you are back on track through we, missed you!!

  2. Michelle 3624

    I love that cup gotta get me one of those. . . checking online. I understand about the store where you like to crop I think a every store is different and it needs to feed our soul and that is a very personal thing! We are all different and we all know what works for us! I’m looking forward to checking in to see what you are up to.

  3. Michelle 3624

    Oops, sorry I got so focus on the cup that I forgot to tell you that the heart is just the cutest I have seen in a very long time.

  4. You had a fantastic Mother’s Day!

  5. Debby

    Stephanie, I have four little trunks (have you ever read Little Women and the poem “Jo” wrote towards the end of the book about four little trunks). I have papers, art work of all types, certificates, metals, trophies, autograph books, journals and doodles, I even have a “rock” my artist son painted in Kindergarden. One day they will want all this stuff. In the meantime I take it out and enjoy remebering when they were young.

  6. Alex Fiskateer #3614

    OMG…I have to get one of those mugs!!! I can’t wait to show my DH!!! I’m glad you had a great Mother’s day!! Looking forward to seeing your crop list!!

  7. pattichurch

    I can’t wait to see where CnC falls on that list of crops. Glad that you had a great day, you deserve it.

  8. Laura

    I miss those days of homemade pins, burnt waffles swimming in tons of syrup, scrambled eggs covered in ketchup, toast with gobs of grape jelly and chocolate milk….AND…those eyes staring at you for your reaction…as you ate as much as you could!! That’s Mothers Day…and I wish I had those days all over again !! Sounds like you are one lucky and loved mommy !! Huggs….

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