catching up…

I feel like I have done about 86 loads of laundry in the last few days.  I really haven’t, but it feels like it.  We have also done some stuff outside.  Our deck was pretty dumpy and we didn’t really use it for more than a place to dump the boys outdoor toys and to hold the grill.  This weekend we made flower beds, did some repair work, and added some lights, etc…  It is almost done and it actually looks really nice and usable.  Not sure why we didn’t do this sooner. 

Also, I spent last night prepping my make-n-take for my event in St. Louis this weekend.  I have to take it, along with the travelling trunk, to FedEx and ship it off today so it is there when I arrive.  I am super excited about the event.

Anyway…  hopefully I can share some more soon and keep you up to date on what is happening around here!



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2 responses to “catching up…

  1. Don”t you hate wash it is never done! I on the other hand love the home sign. Where did you came across that?

  2. Elizabeth

    You sound productive! I need to do more outside too… so I too can be happy with how it all looks.
    Gosh, can you pack me up in your trunk and take me away for some classes and cropping fun? The St. Louis event sounds like so much fun and I haven’t seen you in forever!!!

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