live, from rosemont –

it’s Saturday night!!!!!

Okay – little tired.  Lotta punchy…

Here’s the video – check out all of the scrapbooking and crafting celebs that I love soooooo much!!!!  They were all so cool to take part in this little video montage…  I had a lot of fun asking them to take part in this and they were all great sports for playing along!  Thanks to:

Suzanne Walker

Lance Anderson

Jenni Bowlin

Wendy Smedley

Mark Montano

Stacy Julian

Tammy Tutterow

Stephanie Ackerman

You guys are awesome and I thank you so much!

Happy Scrapping!

And, stay tuned – I have some sneaky peeks coming soon!



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6 responses to “live, from rosemont –

  1. Laura

    All I can say is…OUCH MARK !!…..and since I got to thinking what my answer would be to your polling question:

    Valentine’s Day – snowstorm…cut lots of ROSES and ribbon !!!! (fundraiser !!)

    Thanks Steph !!

  2. Amy 3888

    Thanks for that fun, funny video and giving us a sneak into CHA. Looks like your having a blast!

  3. That was the best video EVAH Steph!! It was so fun to see everyone (especially Stephanie A…hi girl!!) Awe…wish I was there. Thanks so much for sharing all that with us. Very funny stories!

  4. jeni0071

    That was GREAT Steph!!! How did you find the time to do this cute little video?? VERY entertaining! Thanks!

  5. Michelle 3624

    That was fun thanks so much it was almost like being there for a few minutes!

  6. Christine C

    oh my gosh that was so funny – especially Mark, lol

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