a “laundry list”

of goodness… from My Mind’s Eye

Can I just tell you how much I love their stuff?  I always have.  The only thing I have ever gotten published in a book was with their stuff.  When I go shopping, I always, and I mean ALWAYS, look for their spinner rack displays to see what little bits of goodness are awaiting me there.  I just love their product and their staff is so cool and nice – they are even starting to use Fiskars tools in all of their classes.  How rockin’ awesome is that????

So, here is a little video review of their new “Laundry Line” collection which has me swooning over my keyboard even as I am typing this!



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7 responses to “a “laundry list”

  1. Barb

    Thanks Steph! I too love several of their lines – but didn’t realize they were from My Mind’s Eye! Thanks for sharing this link/video! I just bought a few of there discontinued papers to ‘stash’ from Legacy’s in Cedarburg.

    Hope you had fun at CHA and can spend the rest of the day ‘resting’ with your boys!

    Barb (fiskateer #2975)

  2. Amy 3888

    I’m with you, Steph. I love this line. my lss had an inventory clearance and I bought up a ton of My Minds Eye. I’m glad I made room in the store for the new stuff. 🙂

  3. Michelle 3624

    I can tell just how excited you were to find this spinner. . .

  4. Maxine Hodges

    Bought the entire laundry list. Couldn’t resist!!!! My customers will really love this lines, as all other MY MInd’s Eye. Loved meeting everyone at CHA and the dinner was so awesome.

  5. Laura

    This one floats to the top ! If my LSS doesn’t grab this one, I’m buying some for myself from Maxine !! LOL…Thanks Stephenie !!

  6. Jenna #2250

    I also love My Mind’s Eye, Steph. Can’t wait til this line is in the stores!

  7. ok so you already know i adore the laundry line…and now i’m really excited because i realized that jen wilson is a digi-designer that i’ve admired for quite some time! and it is jen wilson’s laundry line! woot! see….we’re not that different after all. (isn’t there a song that says that? LOL!) love ya!

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