this glamorous life

of mine!  This morning, I woke up, got ready, came to work and filmed a quick how-to video for our newest tool – the Push ‘n Print Stamp Factory, which won an award for best new innovative product at CHA.  Lights, camera, action… etc…

Then, I put on grubbies and spent the rest of the day unloading 7 pallets and a crate from CHA, organizing all of the stuff, cleaning out cabinets, and creating piles for the trash.  Yes – very glamorous!  Got to wear a Cubs shirt at work, however, so it can’t be all bad!



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8 responses to “this glamorous life

  1. Patty W (2832)

    Sounds good to me! All that new product… I’d help you unload it ! 🙂 At least you aren’t sitting behind a desk bored beyond help! Lots of variety to keep things interesting!

    I want one of the Stamp Factory tools…Yum!

  2. Laura

    Ahhhh….the life !!!!

  3. Boy your job sounds like tons of fun. It was great to see you at CHA and you seem to be doing a great job, good for you.

  4. Tammy

    So was there backlash about the Cubs shirt?

  5. Michelle 3624

    Looking forward to see that video and life is more about work then glamour that is for sure. Any day in a cubs shirt is a good day!

  6. Tammy Tutterow

    I need to email you, is your email still the same as on your Fiskateer card? Or can you email me? tammytutterow at gmail dot com?

  7. As our adorable children would sing: “Go, Cubs, goooo!” We watched for you on the game on Friday…LOL! If only you had an assistant to help you unload all of that stuff.

    Hmmm? If only you knew someone who would be an awesome assistant. LOL! 🙂

  8. Kim

    How are the cubbies doing? I only pay attention to my Mets division, where they are barely holding on to a 1/2 game lead LOL I can relate, being a Mets fan… we’re devoted, and often in “rebuilding years” like the cubbies… why can’t they just build the dang thing and bring us fans home a championship, dangnabbit!!! Anyway… enough venting… sounds like you had a productive day. Thanks for all the CHA enabling!

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