extreme life

Okay, so after a crazy week post CHA, I am back again to blog…  about the fact that in 15 minutes I am getting into the car to drive up and go to the site of the next Extreme Home Makeover show to deliver Fiskars products that we are donating to the family…  Have I said this before – I LOVE THIS JOB!!!!!!!

Anyway… if they let me take some pics, I will share them…  especially if I meet TY!!!!



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13 responses to “extreme life

  1. iscrapbecauseicare

    That is awesome! You get to do some super cool things at your job 🙂

  2. Tammy R

    I mut be very rewarding working for such a generous company. ahope you get to meet Ty!!!

  3. Danielle

    Holy Crap I am so jealous- please please please take a picture with Ty- that is so cool!

  4. Lisa Falduto

    What a fun thing to get to do…I am anxious to hear all about it!

  5. Christine C

    oh my you do have the perfect job don’t you. I hope you manage to sneak some photos.

  6. kim3timemom#2117

    Oh wow!! That’s awesome…I sooo love that show.

  7. Laura

    BOY…have I got some pictures to share with you!! March 2007, the EHM season finale show was right here in Albany ! (Colonie) I worked on the house from 11pm-5am for 3 very cold nights…and the reveal day ! On reveal day, me and one of the shuttle drivers were picked to help with “Crowd Control” by having them practice MOVE THAT BUS…and handing out bottled water and snacks…cause folks started arriving around 6am…and the reveal was around 3:00 !!!! I have pics of Michael…Ty…Tracy…oh the gang !!! The mom that had the new house was a bridesmaid in my brothers wedding !!! I should post some pics…(and I guess I should do those layouts !) What fun…tiring…VERY TIRING…but fun !) I did the final sweeping before the furniture was moved in !!! Have fun !!

    Laura #1943

  8. Page

    Oh my gosh! That is really very exciting. I hope you have a fabulous time and I’m looking forward to you sharing all about it!

  9. Debby

    A very cool life.

  10. Linda A.

    Oh! I hope they let you post photos – that is SO cool!

  11. Stephanie N

    How fun! I hope you have a great time!

  12. Michelle 3624

    How fun was that!

  13. seriously? seriously. are you *sure* you don’t need an assistant. i could do all of these pesky, time consuming tasks for you. i love you, but sometimes i am so jealous of you it makes me wanna hurl. 🙂

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