my boys

ends tomorrow night.  It will be the season finale…  I can’t believe it is already over.  I love that show.  My Boys has become a Thursday night staple and I will miss it until next summer…

Now the questions are:

What will happen with Kenny and Steph?

Will Bobby marry Elsa?

Will PJ go after Jack or will she end up with Bobby?

Who is the woman Mike took a “nap” with?



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3 responses to “my boys

  1. Page

    And aren’t you thrilled to see that Lauren Conrad from mine and the Church girls’ favorite show “The Hills” is now dating that guy from My Boys?

  2. ok, i’ve never even heard of this show. LOL! what channel? what’s the story about? oh – and what is up with this scrapfest i’m reading about? is that something you’re going to? i freaking *heart* mall of america, dude!

  3. Amanda #2366

    I know what you mean I can’t wait!
    1) I have no idea about this one…
    2) of course he won’t he belongs with PJ
    3) see above 🙂
    4) I’m pretty sure its Bobby’s mom…
    Have a good time watching!!

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