the extreme story…

I know, I have been promising the story on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but have been crazy busy…

Here are the highlights…

Got to go behind the scenes and see how the whole show is put together.  It is amazing how many takes they did just to give Paulie the keys to the house!

We started out at “Bin City.”  This is where they keep all of the large containers which hold all of the goodies for the house.  The decor, the furniture, etc…  We stopped there and dropped off some goodies for her classroom.  We also saw the several boxes of craft supplies we’d sent up the day before and the small box of garden goodies that division had sent up as well.

From there, we went down to the site.  We were put into the VIP section, where there was food, drinks, a tent, etc…  We promptly walked over to where the house was to check it out.  The house is WAY cool!

It is in a barn/farm style with an attached silo/tower.  There was a barn off to the side as well.  This house sits out in rolling hills in the country and the view that they will have in the mornings and evenings will provides spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

We then watched Paulie get the keys and then watched as they moved in the furniture.  We saw Paul, Paige, Eduardo, and Johnny…  but, alas… no Ty.  I guess he was off-site most of the day working on other stuff.  It was cool to see that they were actually in the shop working, too.  As we were leaving we saw Johnny behind the tablesaw, working on a project.  It really is all hands on deck!

We watched Paige film a live broadcast for the evening news and then met her as well…  that was way cool!

We handed out Random Acts of Crafting bags to those on site and just hung out and had fun.  It was hot, but so worth sweating in the sun!  I just wish we had known sooner – I would have volunteered!

Anyway, at the end of the day, I can say that we had a great adventure and I feel like I really helped out with a worthy cause…

There you have it folks – that’s a wrap!



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5 responses to “the extreme story…

  1. what a great experience!

  2. Stacie

    That is so cool. I would love one day to be able to help on a project like that. Not very often those shows make it to Montana. What an experience that would be!

  3. so exciting!!! so wait, did you say they did a classroom??? that is like *seriously* my dream. my poor little crammed in students always joke about signing me up, but most don’t have internet. LOL! oh well…ty…paulie…if you’re reading this….you know where to find me. 😉

    great talking to you today, steph! great family pics, too! 🙂

  4. Stephanie N

    That is so great that you got a chance to be apart of this huge event. I can’t wait to see the show!

  5. Ok Stephanie – just getting caught up on blogs and this FLOORED me! I am volunteering at a build this weekend and WORKING the VIP Tent!!! Please drop me a line and let me know what i’m in for! All the while i’m offering to volunteer – i’m thinking – “My GOD – is someone planning on documenting this build and making a scrapbook for these people???” can’t wait to hear more from you!

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