is something I haven’t talked about in a while…

So, I decided tonight, after a weekend with my boys, whom I have been desperately missing each week, to make a list of some of the moments that I am grateful for…

  1. Snuggling, under the covers, with the windows open, in the quiet early morning.  Jacob falling back asleep on one arm and Owen talking quietly to me on the other.
  2. My own bed, with my own pillow, my favorite sheets, and my comforter.
  3. The smell of my boys fresh out of the shower and “fresh” from a day of playing outside.
  4. Watching Owen ride his big wheel, pretending he is Lightning McQueen…
  5. Jacob curling up on my lap to read a book.
  6. Cooking at home and eating at the table as a family.
  7. Picnics with the boys.
  8. Curling up on the couch and watching a movie together.
  9. A mild August.
  10. The smell of cinnamon rolls and bacon in the morning.
  11. Making my own coffee.
  12. Taking pics of everyday moments.
  13. The sound of crickets outside.
  14. Baseball – especially Cubs baseball…
  15. Matt – in more ways than I can even list.
  16. The feel of holding a hand, smaller than mine, knowing it is full of love.
  17. Kissing the boys goodnight.
  18. Huggies and “uppies”
  19. Parking the car in the driveway.
  20. The smells of home.
  21. The Sunday paper – the ads and the simple act of looking for coupons.
  22. An evening, relaxing and talking to Matt.
  23. God’s protection and divine grace over our family.
  24. Change.
  25. Creativity.

While they are small things to some, they are the things that make my life special.  And, for that, I am grateful.



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2 responses to “gratitude…

  1. Tammy

    Awesome list. I’m sure being away all week makes you realize it even more!

  2. crazy debbi

    Your list is wonderful.

    This picture is just sooooo precious! I do have one question, though – are those CUBS baseball caps the boys are wearing?

    P.S. I’m adding your house selling by 8/15 to my prayer list!

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