is setting in.

What is the name of this blog????  The Many Adventures of CropGirl!?!?!?!?!?!  What was the goal of it?  To talk about crops and crop culture????  Well – haven’t been to a crop and I am going through withdrawls I think!!!!!

I might have to try and convince Matt to let me out this weekend before my brain explodes!

I have great pics and great products begging me to scrap them…  taunting me if you will… 

Am I the only one who gets itchy when they haven’t been out cropping with friends in a long time?  I hope not!



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8 responses to “frustration

  1. I never get to go to a crop, but I know if I haven’t scrapped for a while I get itchy til I just have to make something, no matter how corny it is 🙂

    You could always fly down to KY and crop with me 🙂

  2. A girls gotta crop…nuff said. 🙂

  3. Tammy

    OMG….you are not alone!!! I had not cropped in 2 weeks and if I had not gone Sat it would have been a month before I cropped so I left dog sitting early so I could crop for 3 hours. I was feeling the withdrawls!

  4. debby

    I use to go every Friday to scrapbook with my friends. When this LSS closed I got out of the habit of going to crops all the time. I hit the special ones up, but mostly I crop at home. I do miss being with my scrappy friends.

  5. crazy debbi

    I go crazy if I don’t get to crop for more than a day or two at this time of year. During the ‘winter’ I almost never get to crop due to my work, but in the summer I guess I require myself to overcompensate!

  6. I am at a crop every weekend and I do know what you mean about the itch, I haven’t cropped my own pics in so long I think I forgot what the girls look like.

    You know there is always room for you at my place and we would love to have you.

  7. Annie Fiskateer # 1326

    I understand where you are coming from. I go through the same thing. I’ve been inviting family and friends over the last few months for little crop time.

    I hope you get to go real soon.

  8. Laura aren’t ! I love it when I have a crop scheduled…gives me something to look forward to!..My next crop is this Thursday night…but what I really thrive on are the marathon crops or weekends! Thursdays are usually 5-11 pm..which is great (every week !)…even though I DO get things done, this night is a lot of socializing and sharing ! The fourth Saturday of each month (sometimes due to a holiday, it may be the third Saturday) our LSS does a 9am-9pm crop! I just love them!..Then this November, in Saratoga Springs, is Crop-A-Lot! Friday at 1pm to Sunday 5pm….get as much done as you can! This will be my first Crop-A-Lot and I’m really looking forward to it !!

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