i *heart* red bull

Yes, I know – what a random thought to have…  but it is true.

I used to say that I only really drink it at the trade shows to keep me going… then…  well at all day crops, too…  then…  and, sometimes when I am travelling…  and then…  on days when I am really tired…  you see where this is going.

But, let’s be honest here…

Hi, my name is Stephenie (Hi Stephenie!) and I love Red Bull!

They not only have a product that I like, but it is a company that I admire.  They do amazing things with their promotions and are true to their brand…  I love that about them!

Anyway… my dream is to one day have that little Red Bull fridge by my desk, fully stocked, shiny and pretty… 

Hey – it could happen… right?



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7 responses to “i *heart* red bull

  1. Krysti

    I also enjoy Redbull at times, but do have to say Rockstar No Carb is where it’s at, mixes well also – However, 2 weeks ago i attended Redbull’s flugtag – And i tell you what – RedBull gives you WINGS!!! 🙂

  2. There HAS to be a way for you to get one. Figure out how Fiskars and Red Bull can team up. They gave one of those fridge’s to the radio station my husband works for.

  3. Michelle 3624

    You know I have never had a red bull!

  4. Laura

    I, too, have NEVER had a Red Bull….Need to come up with an Energy drink just for croppers…like ORANGE SCISSORS….or LIME BLAST…etc…LOL…..CROPPERS COSMO

  5. crazy debbi

    I don’t think I could handle a Red Bull – the amount of caffeine in it would put me through the roof, heart pounding and all, but I sure hope someone at Red Bull gets the great idea to send you your own personal “desk top” {fridge}!

  6. kristine

    I made a red bull costume for my son for his disco. He had to go as something starting with the letter e, so i turned him into an energy drink. there are some pics on my gallery

  7. kristi

    I am wanting to dress my 5 year old son as a red bull energy drink super hero for halloween…could you email me some pics of your son’s costume or tell me what you did?

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