hello monday…

I am ready for you!

We had an open house yesterday and a little interest in the house.  We are showing it again tonight…  Getting the vibe…  I feel it…  house is gonna sell!

Went to Card n’ Camera on Saturday night…  cropped with a small group of friends.  Nothing feels better than laughing, crafting, and just hanging out!!!  I will have to post the projects later…  Battery is dead in the camera…

Yesterday we went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens…  that’s where the battery died…  got some great shots, however, before it did…  nothing better than a beautiful garden on a summer day to recharge the body…


Today I got up and did yoga to start the week off right…  a little breath to kick it off…

Wishing you all a great Monday… off to work!



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3 responses to “hello monday…

  1. Michelle 3624

    Great photos. I am glad you had some time for fun this weekend. Crossing fingers that your house sells!

  2. Tammy

    Great pictures! Sorry I missed you at CNC. Keeping my fingers crossed on the house selling!

  3. Laura , Fiskateer #1943

    The house will sell…the house will sell…the house will sell…

    Glad you had a wonderful day outside !! Looks like a very pretty place !

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