well, howdy, ya’ll…

I have spent the past three days on my way to Dallas, TX, for meetings…

All the while fighting, what I think will be diagnosed tomorrow morning by my doctor, strep throat.  You know it is bad when you not only can’t swallow without major pain, but can actually see the lumps on the side of your neck getting bigger and bigger…  I have had mono and my tonsils out, so I can only guess that I have been fighting strep.  After having multiple high fevers as an adult, I am guesstimating that my fever on Tuesday reached about 103, on Wed. – 101, and is finally go down…  now that I am home, it appears to be gone, but the lumps still linger.  Fun times, yes. Fun times.

Anyway… so I have missed a few posts that I wanted to make up for…

1…  Wednesday Crop Report – it is a holiday weekend…  I have no crops scheduled or plans, but some great photos I recently printed, so you never know.

2…  Monday (oops – out of order!!!)  Our winner of last week’s challenge – Paige!!!  Congrats – email me and I will send out a little goodie prize!

3…  It’s Thursday!  Time for this weekends Labor Day challenge, brought to you in part by our friends at Fiskars – Fiskars, the brand that we love (or something like that – imagine a 1950’s commercial voice…)  (Okay – maybe the fever isn’t quite gone – I am a bit loopy tonight…)

   And you challenge is – take your favorite Fiskars tools and use them as much as you can on a project of your choosing.  Highlight a new technique, idea, or just play and have fun!  Be sure to post your ideas here and I promise to pick a winner early next week (going to a game on Monday – so I make no promises…)

Anyway… sorry to be such a slacker blogger lately, but you know I love you all!!!!




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5 responses to “well, howdy, ya’ll…

  1. Paula :)

    I hope you’re feeling better soon! It’s no fun to be sick especially when the weather is so awesome this week.

  2. I hope you feel better… Dallas, TX… you know Frisco is only 25 miles north of Dallas!

  3. Tammy

    Hope your feeling better soon!

  4. O I so sorry Hurry and get better!!!

  5. too much fun-feel like the squeeze punch will be coming out soon 🙂

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