$40 a day…

in Madison!

Last night I cashed in some points to stay for free downtown in Madison.  I wandered around after checking in and found a place called, of all things, Madisons.  Last night was $1 tacos/or 6 tacos/$4 and $3 margaritas…  let’s just say I ate good last night!  By far, some of the best tacos I have had in ages and you can’t beat the Tuesday night special price!

Afterwards, I took a walk and some pictures…  here is the capital all lit up…

Then, this morning, I walked out and got a picture of the sunrising over Lake Mendota…

I am really starting to fall in love with this place…  now, we just need to MOVE here!!!!



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2 responses to “$40 a day…

  1. Amanda #2366

    let me hear a “go cubs” you are starting to scare me 🙂 I won’t be able to handle it if you turn on me!!

  2. Lisa Falduto

    I totally love Madison! It has an at home feeling, lots of Character, and lots of shopping!

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