11 days later

and I am still alive, still living in Chicago, and still trying to sell the house.

Over the past 11 days, I have:

  1. done too many loads of laundry to count
  2. flown to Dallas and back again
  3. had dinner with Matt’s aunt and uncle
  4. hung out with Lisa Pace
  5. stayed at 4 different hotels
  6. driven over 600 miles
  7. not crafted – at all
  8. taken lots of good photos
  9. not journalled at all
  10. started a book on cd in my car
  11. watched “Definately, Maybe” twice
  12. not seen the season premiers for “the office” or “My Name is Earl”
  13. cried about leaving my family too many times
  14. dealt with the kids crying about me leaving too many times
  15. been to the top of the Hancock Building
  16. been to Navy Pier
  17. been to Legoland
  18. been to the Shawnee Trail site
  19. eaten in an old chicken coop
  20. spent good times with my family as much as I can

So, needless to say – lots happening here, and, thanks to Stacy J, I am getting ready to craft for the first time in weeks.  Stay posted – I will do another post tomorrow, early, with the details and pictures!



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4 responses to “11 days later

  1. pattichurch

    Boy you sound like a busy girl. Spent time with lisa pace aren’t you lucky. Here’s to hoping your life settles down alittle

  2. After reading this my life sound kinda dull. LOL I thought I was running here and there. Hug your kids often, kiss that man of yours always, and remember the One who substains us in all that we do.

  3. Lisa Falduto

    Aw Steph………the trials of life, huh? It stinks that you have to be away from your family so much right now and I know when the time is right it will all fall into place just how it is supposed to! I know it will and then it will all make sense and be how it is supposed to be……….but I know that doesn’t help one little ounce right now!

  4. I love your mini album… what a fun challenge.

    It was great getting to see you and just hang out for a few hours. We don’t ever get to do that… actually, have we ever? LOL… I don’t think so. I believe it has always been business related.

    If you are ever near my area again… call me! I have lots of other great places to eat and shop.

    Great big Texas sized hugs being sent your way.

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