in photos…

 a staple in my fridge

 Owen showing his fun side

 Jake excited to be going to Legoland…

 Pumpkin farm posing…

 Jake’s “Orange” birthday

 Matt – smiling that devilish smile… 

(what you don’t see are the fajitas in front of him…)

My life right now feels like a series of random moments, shoved into a weekend.  Which it is.  I am so looking forward to going home after work, eating dinner together on weekday nights, walking around the block, tucking the boys in every night, and just being together.  I am looking forward to scrapbooking again and living together under one roof.  Today, I started to look at house listings again, and I have faith that we will all be together, all the time, very very soon.  I have started to look at home decor and just know that this part is coming to an end…  It has been a struggle, but through it all I just keep telling myself that the end will be worth far more than this struggle…


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  1. Lisa Falduto

    You have the patience of a saint Stephanie!

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