ah… thursday…

So… today I have a fat lip, thanks to a 3 year old who acts more bipolar than people who truly are bipolar.  He had a, what I am learning to be typical, 3 year old meltdown last night and punched me in the teeth.  My lip is still swolen.

What amazes me is that he understood that a) what he did was wrong  b) that he had hurt me, and   c) that as a 3 year old he wants to stop hitting but can’t when he is out of control, which he verbalized to me last night.


This morning he woke up happy as a clam and went about his morning like nothing had happened.  Amazing.

Well, I am getting ready to head to Scrappers Gallery in Heath, OH this weekend where I will be hanging out doing make-n-takes, teaching classes, and HOPEFULLY scrapping a bit as well!!!

Hope to see some of you there and I will report in from the road if I can!



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5 responses to “ah… thursday…

  1. Well you have yourself a great time.

  2. Show us a picture! We want to see your fat lip! =)

  3. Jenna #2250

    Ah yes, 3 year olds. Way worse than 2 year olds, in my opinion. Hope your lip feels better! Have fun this weekend. Wish I could join you.

  4. Lisa Falduto

    Well that impulse control is a tough one at this age! They always get it afterwards of course when they are thinking clearly!

    Have a great time in Ohio!

  5. Alex S. #3614

    Feeling (or should I say felt) your pain! I had a fat lip one time when my daughter head-butted me while I was sleeping! That was something to wake up to! Hope you put some ice on it!!

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