monday morning…

time to get back on the wagon and start taking care of me again.

So…  I rejoined Weight Watchers this morning.

I haven’t done anything about watching what I eat since just after Jacob was born.  I have just been eating what I want, when I want.  For a while, it worked.  I had some stomach problems so I lost a ton of weight, even while eating horribly bad.  Now, however, the weight is back on and it is time for me to wake up and take some responsibility for that.  It is my own fault that none of my pants fit – at all.  I have some nice clothes from when I was sick that I would like to be able to wear as a healthy person.

My goal for week 1 – just getting back into the groove of tracking what I eat, watching my portions, and actually doing some excercizing…  Yup… time to take my life back.



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4 responses to “monday morning…

  1. Good for you!
    I need to do the same. Cut back on portion sizes and cut back on the chocolate a little.
    It’s nice when your clothes fit.

  2. Michelle 3624

    You go girl take control and enjoy the journey!

  3. pattichurch

    My hat’s off to you. I wish I had the will power, ambition and drive to be where you are. I have the eating thing down, but the excerise part I just can’t grasp.

  4. Lisa Falduto

    Sounds like a plan! I love Weight Watchers and still use it when I put on a few pounds to get my weight back in line! But it isn’t easy……….especially when you love chocolate as much as I do!

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