It has been a while since I had time to do layouts for my own book.  I have had some time to get a couple done.

I went to a crop with one box of supplies, which in and of itself was quite a challenge for me!  I learned how to use mulberry paper, however, and that was really cool for me.  I love learning new things and even the simplest new ideas can make me very happy…

With all of the travelling I do, I am trying my best to see some of the local area, even if only for an hour or two.  I hate flying in and seeing nothing but the airport, my hotel, and my “site.”  In Dallas last month, I was lucky enough to have dinner with Lisa Pace who took me on a tour of historic Frisco, TX… so of course I had to scrap it!


I loved these pics of the boys.  Just being silly and goofy outside.  These are the moments that I love to capture – everyday life.

Happy Scrapping everyone!!!



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5 responses to “layouts

  1. Alex S. #3614

    Very cute layouts! I love all the circles. Somehow…when I try that, I just can’t get it to look that good!

  2. marla#3291

    Angela – What awesome layouts!! Love how you cut the photo to appear as one photo on two pages!!

  3. I am so jealous of your “scrap” time!!! I am in need of some serious scrappin time. Glad to hear that your going to be blogging more.

  4. I really like your choices of colors and your layouts for your pages! They are very inspirational!

  5. Super cute layouts… I had so much fun that night… next time your are in town we should get together again… different restaurant though… but sadly none have as good an atmosphere as Babe’s. Such a neat place.

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