is in the air.  Fall is easily my favorite time of the year.  The leaves are turning orange, pumpkins are all around, and their is a chill in the air that seems to wake you up as you enter the world each day.

Football is also something that I love and when the weather is like this, it is what I like to call perfect football weather.  You can sit,  drink something warm, use a blanket if you need it, and just have fun without being too warm or too cold. 

I love Thanksgiving, too, so I get very excited about preparing for that.  It is by far my favorite holiday all year.  As a Christian, Christmas is very important and special to me, but there has been such a retail focus on it that even when you try to hold it sacred, it really isn’t.  Thanksgiving is different.  It is solely about being with your family and being thankful and grateful for your world and your life.  There is no expecatation of gifts.  There is no pressure for anything other than eating a lot of turkey.  It is about celebrating family and just being together.  Heck, I am tearing up just typing about it.  I truly look forward to it.

So…  with that in mind, be on the look out for some fall ideas – gifts, baking, crafts, etc…  I can’t wait to share my love of fall with all of you!

Finally, I have a new goal…  we will be in our house, together, in Wisconsin, celebrating Thanksgiving with our family.  We will be sharing, eating, laughing, cuddling, playing, and talking all around our family table, grateful for our new home and for being together.

Happy Fall!!!



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3 responses to “fall

  1. pattichurch

    new house, does that mean you sold the old one. Did I miss something. Am I that out of the loop. I feel so left out.
    Enough of my gripping, if this is so I am very happy for you.

  2. Hey Steph! I miss you! Just knowing you’re not here in IL makes it harder then not seeing you when you were here! LOL. Hope you’re loving life up in Cheeseland! Jane

  3. I totally agree with you about Thanksgiving. And I really hope you get to have a wonderful Thanksgiving in your new home with your family!

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