is in my blood.  I find it so much fun, as well as inspirational, to scrapbook and craft with others.  Heck, I am CropGirl for crying out loud…  but guess what…  I haven’t been to a crop in ages!  I hosted one a few weeks ago and got some work done, but I haven’t just gone and hung out with my friends, feeding off their energy and creativity.

A lot of people feel like working at home keeps them focused and creative.  Not me.  I love the chatter, the laughter, and the interaction of a crop.  I need it…  I crave it… 

Maybe soon I will get to a crop and hang with some friends…  that would be fantastic!  However, this weekend I am heading out, and then the next two weekends I am at the FIsk-a-Friendzies…  maybe in 3 weeks???  Then again, maybe I will just show up at my LSS and hang out – who knows!!!

All I know is that this crop girl needs to crop!



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3 responses to “cropping

  1. Alex S. #3614

    Let me know when you crop! I’d love to meet you there! (I’m in Palatine).

  2. Sara R.

    Hope you find somewhere to let loose with those scissors!

  3. Jeni Johnson

    Stephenie~ Amber & I host monthly crops; last crop we had 5 of us Fiskateers!! 🙂 The next one is Nov 21st in McHenry…we’d LOVE to have you join us!! 🙂

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